Experiment and Explore

What is Science?
Questions...Questions...Questions...Want the answers? You might be a great scientist.
Experiment Writing Activities
Put your ideas in order with this easy online activity.
Seed Sock
Don't like your shoes? Take them off and try some seed socks to learn how plant seeds get around.
Dirty Day Experiments
Get your hands dirty with this mud under the finger nails experiment.
Germinating Seeds
Interested in plant life? Learn how tiny seeds get to be beautiful plants.
Let's Go Fishing
If you like to fish, reel in the facts using the Digital Desert Library.
If you think your room is dirty take a look at where these critters live.
Chihuahua Desert Study Guide
Do you like the desert? Try the experiments and activities in this study guide.
Desert Homes
Study the cultures of people native to New Mexico.
Our Desert Backyard
Become familiar with the desert or other environment in your backyard.
The Artifact Problem
Build an archaeological map for recording artifacts around your school.
Teacher's Plant Collection Guide
Tips and resources on the ethics and process of plant collection.