Student Poems

Poems Written by Students

These are poems created for the create your own poem activities.

Jornada Elementary School


by Jeremy Schoonover

Seven light stripes on their sides, pale blue green in color,
gray tail, zigzag stripe down middle of back
Family of Western Whiptail
Likes to run on grassy areas, eat yucca and mesquite bushes,
Eats ants, spider, and grubs.
Lives in the desert.
Seen as a scurrying lizard.
Enemies are Leopard lizards.
Lives 11 to 12 years.
Scientific name Teiidae.

Valley View Elementary School

Also see more info about Valley View Elementary School.


by Shelby and Jessica H. from the class of Denise Lucht

Elongated chile pods, dark foliage,
bushy plants with dark green foliage,
fully ripened chile is red.
Grows in wide types of soil
ranges and southwest of United States.
A hardy plant that grows throughout the farmlands.
Is fed to flamingos and many people.
Mainly for culinary purposes
but also for Hedges and Pots.
Also an ornamental, a spice,
and a medicine.
White pale yellow flowers.
Height 1.5-2 feet.
Capsicum annuum.


by Stephanie from the class of Denise Lucht

Pink nose, hairy animals, 20 inches (50 cim), pig like
Family of Dioctoylidae
Like to sleep
Eats cactus and meat
Lives in Arizona deserts
Seen as a stinky animal
Enemies are coyotes
Lives about ten years
Tayassu tajacu


by Kauri from the class of Denise Lucht

Dog-like, wolf-like, reddish brown and gray
Family of canidae
Likes to howl, play, hunt and swim
Eats mostly mice, rabbits and javelinas
Lives in deserts in a lair
Seen as tricky and sneaky
Enemies are bears and mountain lions
Live about 6-8 years
Canis Latrans