Presentation Methods and Ideas

Here are some ideas for giving a presentation on what you discovered:

  • Video tape someone you consider to be an expert
  • Interview a teachers, students and administrators on their use of technology
  • Create a timeline
  • Stage a debate, with pros and cons
  • Create a flyer or a brochure to demonstrate what you have learned
  • Start an advice column
  • Do some case studies (school issues, local issues, community concerns, etc.)
  • Tell a story from a student's and/or teacher's perspective
  • Design a cartoon around the theme
  • Write a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on your topic
  • Use a graph or chart to show information gathered
  • Paint a large mural depicting your research
  • Create a hypermedia presentation
  • Create a homepage for your presentation with links to appropriate resources
  • Write a newscast and do a live broadcast from your newsroom
  • Create and keep a scrapbook of pictures, materials, comments, articles, and other things about your topic
  • Use a poster collage
  • Build a diorama
  • Write and perform a skit

What ever you choose to do, do it with thought, organization, and planning. Use eye-catching colors and materials. Share your ideas with others and ask for suggestions and comments. Keep clear notes and always give credit for information or images collected from other sources. Be enthusiastic!