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Welcome to the Digital Desert Library. You've found a valuable set of resources for the classroom and beyond. The DDL was developed to offer activities, guidance and know-how on using classroom gardens, and in investigating the resources of dry environments. The educators involved use a combination of technology in the classroom with hands-on, dirt under-the-fingernails investigation.

How to use this site
Follow these simple tips on how to navigate the site, use the activities, and print. Explanations and addresses are in here too.
Class Activities
WebQuests and Lesson Plans to help you in the classroom. You'll find experiments for your garden classroom, explorations into the cultural treasures of the area and activities for the elementary-age classroom.
School Gardens
Learn about school gardens and how they can be used to enhance your curriculum.
Take a look at some other materials that can be helpful for you.
Expert Help
We all need a little help now and then. Learn from the experts: gardeners, teachers, students and technology experts can answer your questions.
About the Project
Learn more about the goals of the project, who is involved, and what is being done as part of the DDL. Be sure to take a look at our Student Gallery.
The One Computer Classroom
Learn strategies for effectively incorporating computers into your curriculum even if you only have one computer in the classroom.

This project is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, with contributions from New Mexico State University and the Smithsonian Institution.